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Postby Twofists Ofury » Thu Apr 07, 2005 11:41 am

Well, I personally agree that the servers tenure should override all else on naming policy. Who cares if the Maelin server is newer equipment, it really isnt that hard to move the V accounts over to it, and name it Vazaelle.

To put any of you at ease, I haven't seen one name on your roster that I have also seen on Maelin's server. I Don't know all the alts, or mules, or even all the names, but I assume unless it is someone's main, which I most likely would have seen once or twice, then you will have more playtime then them. As far as bazaar mules go, those might have more playtime then yours, but if I were you, and it was my main that was getting bumped cause of someone's baz mule having more logged on time, then my main, or played alt, I would send them a tell and kindly ask that since its their mule, would they mind name changing so my main could have his original name. I think most people are reasonable enough to do this for someone that cares about keeping their name.

Well, hope to meet you all soon, and sorry that your not getting to keep the name Vazaelle, I don't even know who the hell Maelin Starpyre is to tell you the truth.
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