REPORT from Maelin

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REPORT from Maelin

Postby Skel » Tue Apr 05, 2005 5:32 pm

I figured with the server transfer coming up, it would pay to know a little bit about the server we're heading into ... take a few names, get a little info. So i sent Skel AKA "Bikinee" into Maelin today to check things out.

I found out they have a functional /market channel like Vaz and that people there will tell you damn near anything you want to know. Among the highlights:

<> When i asked for general information, i was told that Maelin was mostly high-end players but that the economy needed a good shake.

<> I did a search for level 70 players and then checked to see which guilds held the top spots. Turns out the BEST guild on the server is called "Assent" (yes, it's spelled that way in-game). A search for their members tunred up all 70s mostly hanging out in RSS.

<> I asked where they (Assent) were currently farming and was told that they've "almost" beaten Time. And here's the interesting part ... the last fight they got Quarm down to 22% WITH THE HELP OF A GM. Yes, apparently GMs are running around all over the places helping out raids and giving away items ("He gave me a Charm of the Gatekeeper").

<> For TF, i asked if anyone was farming VT, and a level 70 Rogue in one the uber guilds asked me what VT was. I said "Vex Thal" and was told no one really goes there because it's too damn hard. A few other people said this too, that any mob that hits for 1k+ is simply NOT to be messed with.

<> I also ran my ass up to the bazzy and pulled up a few price-checks on high-end items for comparison:
Fungus Scale Tunic: 100kp
Blade of Carnage: 200kp
Flayed Barbarian Mask: 250kp
Helm of Rallos Zek: 150kp

Some mid-range items:
Blade of Disruption: 40kp (!)
Copper Hammer of Striking: 13kp
Breastplate of the Slavetrader: 18kp

Some tradeskill stuff:
Draconic Essence: 500pp
Metallic Liquid: 1500pp

And of course, the crystals:
Ebon Crystals: 500pp
Radiant Crystals: 350pp

Things that we would thow out or tribute are going for triple their value, while tradeskill items are very very cheap. Anyone from Vaz stands to make a LOT of money off their equipment. Even if the market immediatlly floods and prices halve, it'll still be better than the prices on Vazaelle.

The "top" guilds on Maelin can't beat Quarm even while cheating, are afraid to enter VT, and get handouts from passing GMs (guide Nomecookie is apparently the nicest one)

TF will probably be unchalleneged for farming rights in Ssra and VT.

The overall feel of the server is that the players there THINK they're uber, but they rely heavily on twink items and GM help (god, i still can't believe that) to beat mobs that Triality sends their alts after. The 70 rogue i was chatting with had less HP than Skel but still insisted that the sever was mostly "high-end" players.

In short, Vaz owns Maelin in every way.

*sigh* i miss TF :cry
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