Video Card chop

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Video Card chop

Postby Ayragon » Mon Apr 04, 2005 8:58 am

would anybody know an easy way to fix a slight video card chop I have on one of my PC's?

setup is P4 3.0HT 800MHZ FSB, 1GB ram, ati 9250 8xAGP. WinXP home
directx 9.0c

Have tried both the ATI driver and the omega driver bottlegs, I seem to get a minor video chop in highly grahic envirornments (like with rolling lava or water). Not terrible but annoying none the less. Are there EQ settings I can try? or OS alterations.....have no chop on a similar system using an ATI 9200 and Win2K.

not looking for anything dramatic, just somesome simple would be great.
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