Need a bit of help from all your computer tech's out there

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Need a bit of help from all your computer tech's out there

Postby Azzenkar Emberune » Sun Apr 03, 2005 2:01 am

Ok heres the set up:

Computer one: 2.7 GHz 1GB mem compaq presario s5200nx radeon 9250 videocard upgrade so as not to use the lame onboard video, 56 k modem., 10/100 card

Comp two: Compaq 5000 series 5wv232 700 MHZ 512 MB mem 10/100 card dead modem(or simply no pulse I can find at this time) Upgraded video card to radeon 9600(I believe in the 9000 series been a couple years since i messed with it)

Heres what i would like to accomplish:

I want to be able to connect the slower system to the faster system via the 10/100 cards and use the faster systems modem to get both systems online to play EQ. Is this first and formost possible and what step with as much detail would be neccessary to accomplish this? Please Yes I know a router and a cable modem would be infinitesimally better as far as performance is concerned. Keep the flames and snide comments to yourself. My budget is severly limited and cable or dsl is NOY an option at this time. But me and my wife kaylar would like to again both be able to play at the same time even with lag issues and whatnot. Of other note a second phone line is also not much of an option due to same funding limitations. This is what I got to work with cmon guys and gals gimmee some feedback and suggestions please.

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