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Postby Zyzzerzazz » Thu Mar 17, 2005 12:30 pm

yea I am kinda disgusted that BST got the hook up and not the hook offense Jah...I love ya~
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Postby Morbier » Thu Mar 17, 2005 12:31 pm

Group looking for tank..........any Monks available?
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Postby Teennin » Thu Mar 17, 2005 12:34 pm

Beastlords get a better slow. Necros get more mezzes

What are chanters for again?

Ooooooo right we are there for those 4 hour buffs you can pick up in pok.
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Postby bill » Thu Mar 17, 2005 12:43 pm

as long as I can make sure my summons are targettable, look out world!

lolz The pet focus things....meh. I'll believe it when i see it. They've said they were making them more common for a couple expansions now and I still have the one from LDoN.

And that change is for all pet classes so not like its exactly making the mage class any different balance-wise.

I'll just keep playing until its too retarded. I've given up on understanding their logic.
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Postby Adlewiese » Thu Mar 17, 2005 2:57 pm

Hey Teen, I'll hang with you in pok and buff I guess.

Maybe we could form a guild... "the buffers".
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Postby Jahras » Thu Mar 17, 2005 3:16 pm

wtf wru FD and a longer lasting snare for beastlords!!1
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Postby rsix » Thu Mar 17, 2005 3:55 pm

hell, wru taunt button for Monks?!
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Postby fendeesha » Fri Mar 18, 2005 11:13 am

I can only reply to the druid changes as it is the only class I have ever played in any game...

I am not sure how I feel about their proposed "stances." The fun of being a druid in EQ is the flexibility we enjoy. Granted I have several spell sets that are buff/heal and several that are offence, but the way I play my class is a fair mixture of both. In Raids I am mainly on heal duty, but grouping, I am healing, dotting, snaring, nuking, basically running in every direction. Even in groups where I am the main healer, my ability to do DPS is essential. The only time I can think this will REALLY effect me is when I get put in the cheal chain. Any other druids with thoughts on this?
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