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bye fend

Postby Kammron » Tue Feb 08, 2005 12:33 am

see you around fend i know i didnt know you that well but it was fun chatting with you the few times i did =) put me on your friends list if yan need a druid holla
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Postby Kaylar » Tue Feb 08, 2005 11:47 am

Take care Fen. I will miss you, but look forward to seeing you in tfchat.

I do understand about the crying thing. I cryed the night I left my post of leaving Torture. It's a hard thing to do. The night I left , I felt as if a part of me had died, or left a BIG hole in my heart. Torture was the only guild that I had belonged to, but that changed after some time. The hole healed up with love from a different guild, and of course it's TF that filled that hole. Trust me in time the hole in your heart will heal. But just remember we will be here if and when you wish to return.

Take care hun. :cry
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Postby Morbier » Tue Feb 08, 2005 2:15 pm

TF will swallow up EoTD shortly, no doubt....and all will be right again. Until then, hang on Miss Fend. You can always join up with ur old TF friends again anytime. Ari only charges me 1k plat now for groupage, and 10k for raids.
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Postby fendeesha » Wed Feb 09, 2005 12:43 am

Good thing I have access to hubby's trader then huh? Anyway, I like Boo some items I got upgraded in Fire tonight. If anyone needs my old ones, crap that they may be, let me know.
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Postby Ophidion » Wed Feb 09, 2005 3:11 pm

Fen, tell the whole family (cat, kae, bob) that i said Hi =)
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Postby cexser » Wed Feb 09, 2005 7:37 pm

dont cry fend ...just say cexser
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Postby fendeesha » Thu Feb 10, 2005 12:39 am

OMGZ but I must have been tired when I posted last! I meant to say that I LINKED Boo my old gear, LOL. Rel robbed me of it and sold it in the bazaar, /boo Rel! But since he did I guess I can use the pp he made to help someone? LOL, you know where my trader is, come see Krescent!

And Oph, I will tell them...
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