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Postby Serano » Fri Dec 24, 2004 12:38 pm

would like to research RGC, DI, Malo, Torpor - in that order

Here is the hot list for drops --- I know most people vendor research drops --- but please keep your eyes out for the following:

RGC : Yaeth's 73 RT
Reported from the following:
Cazic Thule
A Pool Of Slime (Level: 57)
A Tae Ew Spiritcaller (Levels: 53 - 56)
An Ooze (Levels: 53 - 54)
Kedge Keep
Phinigel Atropos (Level: 53)
Plane of Hate
A Vicar of Hate (Levels: 59 - 60)
Plane of Mischief
A Dastardly Rascal (Levels: 54 - 56)
A Gorilla Scholar (Levels: 53 - 55)
A Decaying Scaled Wolf (Level: 54)

Divine Intervention: Toharon page 22
Reported to drop off the following:
Cazic Thule:
A Pool Of Slime (Level: 57)
Charasis (Howling Stones):
Mortiferous Protector (Level: 55)
Sanctus Seru:
A Defender of the Arx (Level: 60)

Malo: Words of Retention (would like 3)
Reported from the following:
Mistmoore Catacombs:
A Trueborn Bloodprowler (Levels: 62 - 65)
Sewers of Nihilia - Purifying Plant:
A Diseased Gnat (Level: 63)

Torpor: Words of Sapience
Reported off:
Plane of Mischief
A Dastardly Rascal (Levels: 54 - 56)

I only have one Yaeth's 118 Rt
The Umbral Plains
Spirit of Tawro (Level: 60)
An Undead Slave (Level: 60)
Vex Thal
Zun Centien (Level: 61)
Western Wastes
Sontalak (Level: 70)

Oh - rune of zephyr is apparently IN game now - so keep your eyes out for that so we can make some more mask of the stalkers. I use my mask of stalker all the time.
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