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Postby arielyn » Thu Dec 02, 2004 10:22 am

Age :22
Race: Only if your car is as fast as mine
Educational Status : Literate

1: March 2001 i think. somewhere around there
2: Varies from week to week. Probably about an average of 20-25 hrs
3: Pussy > Everquest. thats about it
4: Heh i go through periods of not playing for extended periods of time all the time. I miss my friends, more than the game.
5: Nope. I'm pretty much the exact same in Real life. I drink like a fish, party like a rockstar, am also a Female Wood elf wit a nice rack in game as well as in RL.
6. I play other games besides everquest. Just not as much time as on EQ. I play Neverwinter Nights, Halo, Final Fantasy Tactics, and sometimes solitaire or minesweeper
7. Well, I think all of us for one reason or another play this game as an escape. I don't think we're addicted to the game, as much as to the bonds that we have formed with our friends. Lets face it, any game that is good, is addictive untill you finish what you want to experience. And with everquest, you experience close bonds with people from all over the world. As they start to fade away, one by one, eventually all of us will too. But i enjoy the time i get to spend with them. Over the years, I have made a good many friends, old ones have long gone, new ones have shown up. I pretty much will keep playing the game until the day comes when most of my friends are gone. I'm in it for the social aspects rather than the gear / levels

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Postby fendeesha » Thu Dec 02, 2004 10:58 am

Ayragon wrote:4) If you were not able to play Everquest for an extended period of
time (say one to two weeks) do you think you would miss it and why? I think I'd definately miss the environment, to me its soothing and a stress relief....although if I could listen to "Ding .....you're 65" a few times, I might be ok.

OMG, I still watch that about every day! LOL As a matter of fact, I may go watch it now!
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Postby Dealing » Thu Dec 02, 2004 12:23 pm

age: 30
race: Meat popcicle
educational status: Going for my PHD at the university of hard knocks

1) How long have you been playing Everquest and how did you get started?
I have been playing for over 4 years (well off and on). I got started from one of my Friends saying dude you got to check this game out, and the rest is history.

2) How many hours per week do you play, and why?
In the initial 3 yrs I played 5 to 8 hours a day Mon-Thursday and 10 to 24 hrs a day on weekends (Friday through Sunday). Why it was fun and very time consuming. I enjoyed the time I got to play with my Real Friends (the ones I know in Real life not in game) and the online friends that I made through the levels. Now I play when I can no real set time and days.

3) How do you prioritize Everquest over or under other activities? How?
I prioritized it (everquest) as fairly high in the begining only ranking behind work or going out for drinks with friends. How did I come to that Work > then EQ because without money I cant play. Drinks with friends > then EQ because I would go F'ing nutz playing so I would need to unwind.

4) If you were not able to play Everquest for an extended period of
time (say one to two weeks) do you think you would miss it and why?
I would miss the Friends I made but not the game. At the time Was in a stressful guild with to much drama.

5) Are there any feelings, emotions, actions or demeanors that you
feel you can only express through your character in game?
None nothing at all.
6) Why do you play everquest and not other games?
Dont know this I have played DAOC and it did not just have the feel of EQ. I have played/playing EQ2 but I find I really like EQ1 more because its not so much "Quest" related.
7) Why do you feel that Everquest is such an addictive game (if you
believe that to be the case.)?
Because the Time and effort you put into your char. or guild. You do not want to let them down or walk away from something you have put the effort into.

Best I can do really....
I will think about it a bit more and Do a better one. But for now you get the idea.
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Postby sumven » Thu Dec 02, 2004 1:31 pm

Age: 18
Educational status: Undergrad, undecided

1. Started playing April 2002, friends started playing and i joined them
2. I probably play somewhere around 30 hours a week.
3. In some cases i prioritize just because i know i need to study so i dont fail my next exam. Other times i really dont give enough priority to things outside EQ.
4. Yes i miss it when i take a break, i probably miss talking to the friends i play with and i miss advancing in the game.
5. I am a fairly quiet person in real life so in some respects i am able to express myself more in a game. My personality in game however is pretty much the same as in real life.
6. Everquest is the best game i have played because it continues to change and add new content, features etc.
7. It is addictive because in my case anyway i have a desire to see everything in the game and make my character one of the best. EQ keeps adding more levels, zones, and gear and i find it difficult to quit without seeing all of this new stuff.

I also think that your reputation in game matters. If you have a reputation of an asshole then a lot of people will hate you. I have found everquest as a good way to deal with things in real life. For example just last night a guildy of mine was talking about having trouble walking because of his knee and another guildy happened to be an athletic trainer in real life. If you carry a reputation as an asshole alot of you are going to have alot of friends that can give you advice or acknowledgement etc. I find it nice to be able to talk about things in real life and have the people i play 30 hours a week with care.

Personally i think if the reason you play is to better your character while putting others down and making their time playing the game less enjoyable you are playing for the wrong reasons and need to get a life. Venthos for example is one of these people.
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