Hedge maze completion - PONB Preflag

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Hedge maze completion - PONB Preflag

Postby Serano » Thu Nov 04, 2004 2:35 pm

OK this is what I am tracking as Flagged for Terris Thule (PON B). We have all we need to DO TT no problem. Not that outside help isn't welcome especially for purposes of helping them get flag. Right now we can DO TT the day we have the numbers online and TT is up at the same time.

We can stand to do one more hedge maze at LEAST to flag the peeps that keep missing hedge run.

please post if you are as well and are interested in going with us when we get the TT spawn.

Posting this I noticed that on my second Hedge on Friday night I didn't take a SINGLE person with me that had gone thru the succesful hit the night before. SO $$$ While there were a few that were flagged BEFORE both of the successful runs I was on - that is still cool.

I don't know what day we will be doing flags next - but will post here when we know - other than that autojoin tfchat and we will be chatting about them whenever we are setting one up.

Members ( I count 76/74) atm - there might be more) ( the back slash chars indicate 2nd char on same account or 2nd box in Nist's case, my case)

Cyleana-------66 Shadow Knight
Vdayen--------65 Shadow Knight
Valkorin-------65 Shadow Knight
Forsaker-------65 Shadow Knight / Khewtoy 55 BL
Aboobaka------65 Shadow Knight
Bilnick----------63 Paladin
Virtous---------65 Paladin
Palahdin--------59 Paladin
Resulta---------65 Paladin
Aiela------------65 Paladin
Jumjam---------65 Warrior
Foklar-----------56 Warrior
Copulous--------65 Warrior
Waystin---------65 Warrior / Drannor 65 Magician
Ralphasaur-----65 Warrior
Chawpin--------61 Warrior
Conanofcimmeria 66 Warrior
Nearo-----------61 Warrior
Kaylar-----------65 Cleric
Zyzzerzazz-----65 Cleric
Luthe------------65 Cleric
Fadari-----------65 Cleric
Eilsel------------65 Cleric
Frawgy----------63 Cleric
Tethtau----------66 Cleric
Dadra -----------65 Cleric
Felistias---------65 Cleric
Daiggin---------57 Druid (is this someones alt?)
Mortycha-------65 Druid
Casy------------58 Druid
Interrupting----65 Druid
Magnetus-------63 Druid
Worff-----------65 Druid
GoofyDoofy----65 Druid
Thunderstorm--64 Druid
Laythorn--------58 Druid
Quaan-----------65 Shaman
Mansha---------64 Shaman
Adlewiese------65 Shaman
Enthelon--------65 Enchanter
Fingor-----------65 Enchanter
Mosrael---------58 Enchanter
Teennin--------65 Enchanter
Jenka-----------65 Enchanter
Gynger---------65 Enchanter
Arielyn---------65 Bard
Naiansu--------68 Bard
cywair----------66 Bard
Gretl------------67 Beastlord/ Thezoe 54 Necro
Jahras----------70 Beastlord
Malcore--------65 Skinny
Guardrail------65 Ranger
Serano---------65 Ranger/ Taniquel--------52 Cleric
Sakkon---------51 Ranger
Khazar----------62 Ranger
Arayus----------65 Ranger
Tuluvien--------58 Ranger
Cexser----------65 Rogue
Print-------------55 Magician (MIA?)
Danceri---------64 Magician
NIstari----------65 Magician /Xaznor 63 Enchanter
Sadim-----------65 Magician/ Hansodest 65 Cleric
Frencbone------65 Magician
Azzenkar-------65 Magician
Deluin----------56 Necromancer
Nagaash-------60 Necromancer
Sinadar--------67 Necromancer
Normel---------64 Necromancer / Kinlen 65 Beastlord
Colden---------67 Necromancer
Lavey----------61 Necromancer
Invisus--------70 Necromancer
Uilea-----------68 Wizard
Zeilphyn-------65 Wizard
Ozdan---------66 Wizard
Torkk-----------54 Berserker
Sslaizka--------65 Monk
Kiranna---------65 Monk

Kiyun-----------63 Warrior
Quiril - Ranger

Guests (we flagged or have helped with flagging)
Doing 65 Ranger
Jafder 63 Rogue
Kodioc 65 Beastlord
Harmo 54 Bard
Rhendaven52 Enchanter
Tiph 65 Wizard
Blargo 56 Warrior
Alastriona 67 Bard

Others known that are draftable... (or have signed in on this thread)

Deladriendil 65 Hunter
Ophidion 65 Bear
Sumven 65 Finger wigler
Morbier 65 Treehugger
eeventinee 65 Dwarf
Vegga 65 Nuclear Assasin
Zephaniah 65 ThermoNuclear ground Zero dealer
Shalow 65 tank chanter
Lirielle 53 Wizard
Konakor 60 Shaman
Relorie 52 Cleric

Recently Departed TF that had PONB flag.
Awaken 65 Necromancer
Raning 65 Druid
Firouna 65 Druid
Nazar 65 Magician
Rozy 60 Ranger
Jobtik 54 shaman
Prallic-----------65 Paladin
Calthine--------65 Bard
Fnord-----------65 Magician/
Jamezon-------65 Wizard
While so far there have been a couple of peeps that showed for 3 -4 hedges and did NOT get in (or flagged) - I don't see that as a problem now that we have less and less people that have NOT been flagged. a couple more of these and we should be GTG for TT.

Dizzylizzy Necro
Wazilla Rogue
Justinian - Ranger
Bealzaman Rogue
Vnayin - chanter
Fendesha - Queen
Caeliel - Ranger

And well obviously anyone not listed - but these are the ones that I think i know about.
(am I seeing a pattern here?)

let me know by posting in this thread or PM or tell in game if you need your PONB flag as well so we can track that. Everyone that is in the guild that is NOT in the flagged or unflagged list - I simply do not know.

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Postby Rasputine » Thu Nov 04, 2004 9:23 pm

FYI I am flagged as well.

:monkey MIA for awhile & about to make return.......
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Postby Malcore » Thu Nov 04, 2004 9:48 pm

Kungs been looking for you Daj!


- Mal
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Postby Kaylar » Thu Nov 04, 2004 10:33 pm

I just wanted to point out to you Serano, that Azzy and I are on the same account still.... *sigh*
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Postby Serano » Fri Nov 05, 2004 1:45 am

yah - I think I had you two on the same line before - but when you left the guild I dropped you off - then when you returned I just added you in with the clerics.
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Postby Lemme » Sun Nov 14, 2004 9:43 am

I could use a run thru the hedge maze. Will keep an eye on pickup? to see if one is run from there as well.
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bump the thread in open

Postby Lemme » Wed Dec 29, 2004 9:15 am

This is the thread. Still need it. Pickup seems to have floundered.
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Postby Teimsters » Fri Dec 31, 2004 8:15 pm

Killon & I are both flagged as well, we would like to get Kiliu ( my cleric) & Lilfist (Killon's War) flagged if possible.
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Postby Serano » Sat Jan 01, 2005 1:33 am

getting them flagged SHOULDN"T be a prob. Last hedge I ran I switched to ranjadin simply cause there wasnt a single other cleric there. and we plowed a 51 pally thru as well.
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Postby chawpchawp » Sat Jan 01, 2005 2:51 am

hey i'm 64 yo, almost 65 :razz

WTS the roster also still having me listed as 60 lol
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Postby Brikksx » Sat Jan 01, 2005 9:39 pm

I am flagged.

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Postby lifbrigger » Sun Jan 02, 2005 4:18 pm

Kongool and Korha are in need of hedge.
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Postby Quichangg » Sun Jan 02, 2005 5:50 pm

I'm flagged as well for TT
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Postby Adlewiese » Tue Jan 04, 2005 10:07 am

There is a very good chance we will be doing this Friday, 7-Jan-05. I am not ready to run a VZ raid (which Arielyn signed me up for btw).
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Postby Serano » Tue Jan 04, 2005 6:06 pm

dude. I am running it on the 14th. we do or don't do the other thing on THis friday - but I ain't running hedge until the 14th.

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