Fendesha / LD / and bow parts

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Fendesha / LD / and bow parts

Postby Serano » Wed Oct 27, 2004 8:28 am

hey I went hard LD last night while in the bazaar - lost net at home so I went to bed.

Sometime I would like to trade that windmetal to you for the gears and bolts ---- I didn't realize you were selling them too. If the wind metal sells that much more than the nuts and bolts that you already fashioned it into - it makes since to trade that.

Just picked up the last 2 vegerog vines I needed to make 8 combines of Stonewood bows.

I need 1 fiend gut to make one attempt at an obsidionwood bow for someone

and I need 1 chunk of E'ci Ice to make one attempt at a primordial Driftwood bow for someone.

I will need 1 featherwood staff and 1 air arachnid silk to make one attempt at a featherwood bow.

OK - I just knocked out Fletching Mastery 3 last night. There are some that recomend I get salvage 1 (and some 3) before I go ahead and make these combines. I dunno. The value of Salvage 3 is pretty good. But I just spent 3 months getting Fletching mastery 3 so it would take another 1-2 months getting to 3 if I grouped even more thanI have recently - and I just can't predict that.

And the other thing is our tanks and archers are already buying their own elemental bows - so it would make since to make them now or fail on some when they are still useful, instead of waiting until no one needs them.

On a side note, If anyone still wants a nightmarewood bow - those are still free for anyone that wants them. If you group in Inovation I still collect up the parts for the bows - so you can dump your innovative bolts and gears on me from there too.
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Postby fendeesha » Wed Oct 27, 2004 12:21 pm

Yes Serano, I will trade you the other pieces for the wind metal chunks I gave you last night. I saw your tell this morning, but had gone to bed after I gave you that other stuff last night. I will log in the trader again today, just catch me in the bazaar and we'll swap.
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