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Re: Finally went crazy~!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 02, 2010 9:37 pm
by Serano
I use a widescreen flat - and a 20" CRT. Think I might set up a switch to make CRT 2nd screen for main, and switchable to main screen for one of my legacy computers. my 2nd back up will run on a 15"

1 224-6493 Alienware Aurora Desktop
1 317-1885 Intel Core i7 920 QC (2.66GHz, 8MB Cache)
1 317-2662 3GB Triple Channel 1333MHz DDR3
1 330-6518 No Keyboard
1 320-7810 No Monitor
1 320-8971 Dual ATI Radeon HD 5670
1 341-0467 500GB - SATA-II 3Gb/s 7200RPM, 16MB Cache HDD
1 313-8333 Lunar Shadow, Alienware Aurora Chassis, 875W PSU
1 341-0492 Alienware 19-in-1 Media Card Reader
Considered not getting this - I added it on figured wouldn't save much doing it myself maybe a couple bucks -think they charged about $25 - recently put one of these on my legacy computer

1 421-2064 Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English
1 420-9691 DataSafe Local BackUp
1 420-6436 PC-Restore, Dim/Insp
1 317-2818 Accessory Kit, Aurora, Eng
1 330-4769 Dell Resource DVD with Application Backup

1 313-8339 Single Drive: 24X CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW) w/double layer write capability
1 421-0975 NERO 9, ANW
1 313-9776 Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio
( I don't buy sound cards - unless the on board dies )
1 906-5260 Dell Limited Hardware Warranty 7X24 Technical Support, Initial Year
1 905-6137 Dell Limited Hardware Warranty Plus In-Home Service [after Remote Diagnosis], Initial Year
1 906-6980 In-home Service after Remote Diagnosis, Initial Year
1 988-7347 No Warranty beyond 1 year
1 990-8029 1 Year Limited Warranty and Next Business Day,Desktop
1 421-1721 Soft Contracts,Banktec Care,Alienware
1 330-0172 S and P Drop-in-Box Marcom forDHS Desktops

1 317-1904 Alienware High-Performance Liquid Cooling

Oh - and I didn't upgrade the memory because they overcharge. Was prolly going to pick up another 6 MB for what they charged for 3 MB ($100)

Re: Finally went crazy~!

PostPosted: Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:31 am
by Bilnick
1 320-8971 Dual ATI Radeon HD 5670

So is this 2 graphics cards linked together to make a super card or what?

Looks like a nice system, should last you for a while.

Re: Finally went crazy~!

PostPosted: Wed Nov 03, 2010 11:38 am
by Goofydoofy
Yea, it looks Crossfire linked.

Re: Finally went crazy~!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:49 pm
by Velnarin
Talk about severe overkill. Like, there's virtually nothing you can do to that machine to make it lag. And it will work slower than its actual potential as well, due to the fact SATA II drive transfer speeds can't keep up with that much power. Solid state drives can but you're already killing an ant with a nuclear missile.

My boyfriend and I just built a machine with less extra RAM and only one video card and running every high-end game he has on the machine simultaneously only brought CPU usage to nearly 50%. Because it's so impossible to stress the processor into heating much above room temperature (!) we even overclocked it for fun.

I know technology advances quickly but it's probably going to be a few years before anything really needs this much brute power. Personally I went more lightweight because something's likely to break in the machine and need replaced before I really need to use that to its full extent.

The pricetag speaks for me when I say, take good care of that.
And gratz.

Re: Finally went crazy~!

PostPosted: Thu Nov 04, 2010 7:12 pm
by Serano
well-the idea is to last for a few years and not all computing power is about transfer speed. Once I got it I was thinking about setting up a RAID 0 with two SATA drives I have that I'm not using (matching pair). And as this is my first Modern Computer -as I get any upgrades it becomes my spare pile to build a frankenstein with down the road like the 3 Circa 05 comps I am running now are.

Down to one spare mouse and 3 spare keyboards...

Re: Finally went crazy~!

PostPosted: Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:14 am
by Serano
arrived,m backed up and restore created, AVG installed and Firefox installed.

Now to figure out how to make my E Drive a Raid Zero with two SATA 7200s I have

Re: Finally went crazy~!

PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 8:53 pm
by Jibvalde
Warning if you ever have to call for tech support MAKE sure you get an english speaking operator or at least make cure they are in Costa Rica , if you get pushed to the over flow line John in Inda will screw you backwards and forwards , Alienware tech support is exactly like Dells get the right person and life is good the wrong one and sucking on shot guns is a lot more fun and Rewarding.