The big move -almost done!

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Re: The big move - now at 30 days!

Postby Ayragon » Fri Jul 23, 2010 6:50 pm

yah, Serano can't bang the Colonel....I hear thats how KFC got started.
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Re: The big move - now at 30 days!

Postby Serano » Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:46 pm

OK. So, basement Carpet is installed - so the week we wasted on pause waiting for that to be done is finally over. I SHOULD have had the carpet put in during the 50 days before we moved here after closing, but I didn't remember how bad it was - sides this way my wife got to pick out the color after "seeing" the basement in person.

So basement is emerging as an entertainment center now. Finally set up my son's ESPN sport center (a small little indoor / garage size basketball/pitching/ putting game thing) again - first time in 5 years since we left North Carolina. got the smallest TV down here - and on Cable - with DVD and VHS - in our oldest entertainment center - where we will shove all of the kids videos in and around.

There is also a bar down here - not sure how we are going to use it. Put our Microwave down here since this house has one of those over the range microwaves. A lot of empty space in here still see how well we keep it that way - which will leave room for the Air Mattress for when family visits this fall. Considering getting a real queen mattress for guests - but not sure how we would store it - set it up - not really room for that. Either that or get my daughter a queen - so that when we have guests she can get booted from her room and the guests can have a real bed. We still have the hideaway bed - but we will NEVER buy another one of those again. I think that is most new couples mistake in buying a couch - is thinking that your parents will want to sleep on that 1" mattress when they visit.

Set up two computers down here - still missing cables to hook up second. Second comp is really struggling - reboots from time to time - might finally stop slacking and buy a modern computer -which would turn my main computer int the back up. Set up the wife's Desktop in the Sun room on the main floor - prolly put the Printer up there. And with the wireless set up down here - my wife gets bounce with her laptop on the main floor and upstairs in the bedroom. Haven't set up my Daughters Computer yet. Hers is even more of a beater than mine. it is like a P3 700 or something - but I got about the most memory possible for it - and a fair enough Graphics card so it can play DVDs.

Biggest problem now is when we move and have no idea how to fit into whatever the new house is like in 1-2 years. Meanwhile, We still have a goo gob of boxes still to open. But at least 70% of the furniture is in the right place now.

Ok - off to cut my hair, have to go to work tomorrow.

Oh, and update from first post. Prolly have to lose 15 - 20 pounds now.... the last month has not been a good fitness or nutritional month.
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Re: The big move -almost done!

Postby Ceruis » Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:07 pm

15-20 pounds is it? Your a sad officer...but I'm a saddier infantry guy since I need to lose all the same...have you discovered Satan yet? He works in an office there to for some odd reason. I thought you people were there for school? Oh well. Say hi to Colonel Funkmister for meh. :beer:
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