Our Recovery from the Guild split

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Our Recovery from the Guild split

Postby Serano » Sat Apr 11, 2009 11:56 pm

Its the third time in TFs history that we had a guild split. The first one was in the first 6 months of TF a couple months before I joined. In fall 2001 Some took off and formed a guild called Lakota - and then left that for some of EQs Oldest raiding guilds from 01. None of them are still around.

In 2003 we merged Torture and Fellowship of Moo into TF. it was a great time.

In 2004 The Guild leader Pensfan took about a dozen folks with him to a guild called Alternate Eclipse. That guild died out when WoW came out.

In 2009 - we lost about 20 of our most serious raiders to form the Red Band Brigade (which I think is a referance to a fictional Universe merc team from Anne McCaffrey). We are mostly recovered from that split. I think RBB is doing well and we are almost there.

Right now TF is seriously hurting for 2-3 real raiding clerics, a serious raiding chanter or two, and prolly one more raiding shaman. Now, for those of you that know TF, a serious raiding player for TF is a full time raiding guilds casual player. But I need you active players to find out what you can about getting those 4-5 players whoever they are, and bring them into the fold. yes, we did have a app cleric that we rejected recently, which really hurt in a time we needed new Sinzan. But that doesn't change that we need the a few key guys to plug our holes so we can break back out.

Our raid attendance is back up to respectable levels, but have some room for some round out DPS - specifically Wizards and Rogues right now too. So keep your ear to the rail for those too. But to really get back to regular MMM reflagging, and then MMM progression again, I need you guys to help us out - and shake 3 clerics, 1-2 Chanters, 1-2 Shamen, and maybe a super freak Warrior out to help out our tank team.
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