Hello to all that might remember me....

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Hello to all that might remember me....

Postby Mischeifz » Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:01 pm

I know this might come off as odd, but over a year ago I retired from EQ. Alot of my old FA guild mates scattered between a few guilds so i thought that I would stop in to one at a time and say hello. Oh and I couldn't pass up doing a drive by to Fenina, my utmost favorite zerker of all time (no offense to all the other awesome zerkers out there).

I see that Frogstew, Mellowdey, Morikage, Xarx, Nopayne, Scoundrell, Treenex, Telocbea, Remac, Snurfuler, and Bmybuddy are in the ranks of TF. Glad to see you guys have found a great place to call home.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and having a great start to the new year. If its possible to lurk here and there to see how everyone is that would be great :) Miss you guys and EQ alot! Take care

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Re: Hello to all that might remember me....

Postby Silvenstar » Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:10 pm

Hi Mischeifz

Hope the family is doing well and y'all had a happy Christmas....

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Re: Hello to all that might remember me....

Postby Fenina » Sun Jan 04, 2009 10:32 pm

/pounce /hug!!
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Re: Hello to all that might remember me....

Postby Frogstew » Tue Jan 06, 2009 2:35 am

Hey Missy!

Great to hear from you! Things are going well. We're really enjoying our time in TF. If you ever decided to come back to EQ, it's a good home. I took on a work assignment in Dubai 2 months ago, so haven't been online since November. I'm coming back home in 2 weeks though, so will be there shortly!

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Re: Hello to all that might remember me....

Postby Mischeifz » Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:49 pm

Good to hear from all of you. Sadly I don't think that I will make a return anytime soon. With family, WoW raids 3 nights a week, and real life commitments its keeps us so busy that picking up EQ wouldn't be a good thing to do at this time. I do miss the game a lot, mostly for the people that I left behind when Kilgoren and I retired. The time constraints that EQ had on us was very restrictive with the schedule that we have to keep with our son. I might log in the end of this month and see who all i can see online, since my account dies at the beginning of February. Who knows around Fable time Kil and I might make a short return :)

Somewhat of an update over the last year. We got our son into a program for autistic children, that really bombed out because the teacher wasn't what she made herself out to be. So in turn we started him into the More at Four Program with children his own age and I believe that that has been the best thing that we have ever done. That program along with one of the best Psychologists for our son that Kil and I both go to has been a heaven send. His vocabulary has improved so much that he is almost up to part with his age group. He still is at a 4 year old speech level ( at 5 years old), but that is a vast improvement over a 2 year vocabulary just 6 months ago. Health wise everyone is good now. We had to make two trips to the UNC Chapel Hill to their Children's Hospital for our son with a stomach issue that so far so good, we haven't had to return. Other then that things have been hunky-dory for once. :banana

Talk to you guys soon

PS- Froggy.... give Mell Mell our love please! I had to wipe my system clean before the holidays and wasn't able to back up my email addresses from Outlook. Pass along my email address please! ebcllc@atmc.net
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