open tacvi/uqua raid, weds dec 10, 9PM EST

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open tacvi/uqua raid, weds dec 10, 9PM EST

Postby Antok » Wed Dec 10, 2008 12:05 am

Sorry for the late notice, I forgot to put up a post in openchat.

Meeting up right inside Yxxta, Uqua-side. After clearing uqua (which I cannot imagine would take longer than an hour or two,) we will move to tacvi **IF** zyzz or someone with zyzz's info is available to box him, or if xarx is around. If neither char is available, we'll go murder something else.

DKP will not be awarded and loot will not be DKP'ed; anyone is invited, including nonTF people.

As with my previous weird old raids, I reserve the right to put class restrictions on certain items, and god out any especially important or rare quest items.

Loot will be randomed among all present who need it - Tribal Fury members will have the exact same loot possibilities as anyone else.

Rolling on something just because you need the clicky is a-okay.

Loot will be limited to non-trash drops per person - NOT per character, per person.

Without the prior express consent of the RL, you may only roll for characters that you have present in the zone at the time that mob was engaged.

Alts or boxes ARE eligible for loot, on the same basis as a main would be.

Any loot won on a box does count towards the 2 per person limit.

Only bring a box if you can play both characters competently. Please don't bring a box expecting to sit it in the corner afk. If you only want loot for an alt/box, you can't/don't want to box, and you think your main will be needed - please talk to me beforehand, we can work something out.
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Re: open tacvi/uqua raid, weds dec 10, 9PM EST

Postby Silvenstar » Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:01 am

Can you remind me about this when you see me on tomorrow.......

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