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PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 12:03 am
by Worff

A new project that will hopefully prove to be a quick glance at the resources of a player on our board, accessible by clicking the user's profile. For now, click on a user's profile (by clicking their name in a post, for example) to view their information, i.e. here is mine: Worff.

To fill out your custom profile fields, click the User Control Panel, followed by the PROFILE tab, and scroll down to see the fields and radio boxes.

One note, the field for "Alt Level" and "Boxed's Level" have a 0 (zero) as the default answer... if you don't have an alt or boxed you wish to list, please backspace the 0 out of the field so it wont clutter your profile with an unneeded field. I'll figure out how to make it blank by default soon as I can.

It would be helpful if everyone filled their's out, so when I complete the Members page we can use the SORT feature to see how many of us are flagged for a particular zone, etc.

This will not replace our roster system, since the roster system has far more information, but hopefully everyone will find it a useful tool at some point, while logged in the board here.