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Dev Chat

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2007 3:05 am
by Drigarx
Here are a couple noteable things from the 6/20 dev chat

Destinova> *sneakattack* TBS gear has type 13 aug slots, will these type augments be going into the game anytime soon
<Merloc> Type 13 and 14 augments will be going into the game with the next patch.

<Destinova> *Tamm* Ive seen alot of board discussion re Demi backflagging. Your thoughts on this matter?
<Prathun> I'm planning on adding a backflag to Hatchet and Redfang for the current raiding guilds progressing through Demi-Plane.
<Prathun> This should make it in time for the upcoming patch.
<Prathun> But if it doesn't it's the type of change that's fairly easy to update on the fly.