Knowing that you are not alone. /hugs

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Knowing that you are not alone. /hugs

Postby Aenodili » Sun May 20, 2007 1:46 pm

A friend of mine called today. I know to many that isn't important to you.

They were so berift. Their special someone is a soldier. I am not here to argue semantics, I know only that my friend was in such torment. You could hear the pain and suffering from their heart from miles away.

I wont name names, not even under torture.

You know who you are my dear friend. I came across this poem. I hope the words inside can give you the peace of mind you need during this time of testing.

Infact, perhaps others also may need to read and hear it. Misery may love company...but friendship prefers much more.

I am forever, your friend. I post this out of respect and love for you dear heartfelt friend.

Be strong. I will support you and those you love. Perhaps you have more here then you know that care and feel the same.

/huge hugs
/kisses to comfort your soul

Your friend, Nindy/Aeno

My missing love or "The Soldier's Love Lament"

I look outside my window.
I feel the lifting breeze.
I dream of a tomorrow.
Miles across the churning seas.

You are far from me, my missing love.

This house is empty, feels like it is stone.
Thoughts of your warm embrace...
Kisses from your loving face,
These I remember when I am alone.

The miles part us so my missing love.

Do you sleep then nighty
Dreaming of me too?
Do you call my name so lightly?
Oh god, I miss you so!

How I long for you, my missing love!

Passionate flashes in it's throes.
Your earthly breathy sigh.
I miss your sweet sleeping repose.
Awakened...alone, I curl up then cry.

My heart aches for you, my missing love.

I try to face each day bravely,
As you sally forth and toil,
You are the hero to those knavely,
Upon that foreign soil.

Be safe I beg you, my missing love.

If I could just hold you once more,
God, the miles would pass by oh so fast
I would comfort your troubles sore,
I'd make each second last.

Stay with me this moment, my missing love.

Fighting for a freedom lost to people
You march on soldier, a casualty of war
Rebuilding houses and church's steeple
In lands many would squander or ignore.

Know I love thee, my missing love.

I want to shout to God on high
Yet, God may not hear my prayers
Over those that suffer much and bleed.

I weep once again, my missing love.

In my daydreams, we share such sweet romance,
You hold me every closer to your heart
With all that space vaniquished in a single glance
This moment never wants to part.

I believe in you, I pray for you, my missing love.

Yet, you are so very, far far from here,
And I still miss your face at night time and at dawn.
I know your duty and you will always be my dear
My missing love, my heart will ever carry on.

Tomorrow will come soon my missing love.

With this tender kiss, my gentlest hug and letter,
I pray that you come home soon my lover
I know that things will get much better,
Miles can not separate, what my love can surely cover.

Stay strong, be valiant, my missing love.

Missing love you may feel, that there is nothing left to fight.
My words are lacking, I may not have rhythm to the rhyme..
Believe in what you know deep inside is always right.
My missing love, I love you. A love to last for all of time.

Although you are missing my love, my love will never miss you.

Chris L. Hunt
There is more then ONE meaning to the word QUIVER! ;)
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