Essay About: Why I am Not Having a "Parts Shakin Good T

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Essay About: Why I am Not Having a "Parts Shakin Good T

Postby Hatefrog » Fri Dec 29, 2006 10:16 pm

Well, I'll start this essay with a simple warning. DON'T EVER PRANCE AROUND IN LAVASTORM WITH A HIGHSPEED MOUNT! It is very hazardous, and can also lead to terminal illnesses such as Lung Cancer and Polio. It happened to me once. I was in a raid we were heading to do the Guardian of Sand Dragons of Norrath task. I was being stupid. I wanted to get to the Skullhead for rebuffs and such. I found myself climbing a mountain that was supposed to be unpassable. The trip down wasn't as pleasant as the trip up let's just leave that at that fell for twenty thousand hit points (yes that's right 20k HP!)!!

This would ruin anyone's "Part Shakin Good Time". I was happy finally get to raid with Hatefrog, and what happens? I fall off a mountain I'm not supposed to be on anyway? Can you say glitch? After that Clarr (the person I'm writing this essay for) tries to come rescue me (which really lifted my spirits). Unfortunately she couldn't find my body, but I give her kudos for trying
:). After that I had the idea of going back to 100 Acre Wood in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories. I later scrapped the idea and said, "Screw it you'll never figure that world out so don't bother trying". Then then idea of playing Golden Sun: The Lost Age (both games for the GBA) that didn't appeal to me either. So i decided to wrap up the raid food and head to bed.

I apologize ahead of time for the essay atleast I got it out of the way. I i hate glitches i do what the blue man does. (I puke on glitches) :puke
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