Way Back Whens-Days: The raids you did way back when

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Way Back Whens-Days: The raids you did way back when

Postby Jamjum » Fri Oct 27, 2006 2:02 pm

I am pleased to officially announce Tribal Fury's "Way Back Whens-Day: The raids you did way back when!"

Every second wednesday of the month yours truly will be hosting this magnificentonimous event!

Have you ever thought about the good ol' days and missed them? Well here is the plan!

Short raid block - 2 to 3 hours max depending on players.

First one or two hits are the Way backs, stuff like Trakanon or Zlandicar, Guardian of the Seal, Rumblecrush, etc. Maybe even have a "Time Trial Night" where we all go to Vex Thall and see how far we can get in a 2 hour time limit! lol

After this we move on to more 'useful' stuff. Like loot mobs, rune mobs, quest mobs, etc. Need examples?

-1.5 epic hits (small hits)

-RSS minis and chailak (quick runes, maybe some augs, etc)

-DoN Progression!

-TSS plows! ??? you say? Stuff like Ashengate and Frostcrypt are designed for very well geared groups to be able to go and get great xp and loot. A small raid force, even somewhat undergeared, can very easily run through these places, picking up occasional 'trash drops' and destroying whatever names are up (and not taken) for some very nice loot.

now you ask : So how does it work!

Simple. Immediately following any WBW (way back whens-day) there will be posted a thread for all your suggestions and requests. This thread will remain open and unlocked until around 5 days prior to the WBW day, at which point I will go through all the requests and sort them in order of interest. Then we just do as much as we can in that time, dependant on the force assembled.

Standard raid times - 9pm eastern.

Assembly call will take place somewhere silly probably, like misty thicket. Initially open only to TF for raid invites, after 10 minutes call is opened to TFChAT. If we are low on numbers after this and need some boosting, I may call some people out of /pickup. There will be no pickup calls if we have 24 or more raiders!

This is a NON DKP event on an OFF NIGHT! All loot is randomly determined and equally rolled upon by all people who are raiding and can use it. Attunable loot is open to all for rolls.

NOTE: This does not I will never run anything else on some nights, merely that the 2nd wednesday is for this event.
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