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    1 hour 20 mins 42 secs

    This score was recorded on Sun May 24, 2009 11:36 am.

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  • Bubble game

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  • hey - this is innovative. I like.

    on a timed interval your score fades as your bottom screen progresses from dark to light - but you can still see it in psycho mode.

    Psycho mode: 100 points
    Speed, bouncy, invin and bullet time 50 points
    bubbles only: 20 points (or 70)

    Speed (large bouncy bubble) Don't get this unless you are SURE! dont' get it near a wall.

    Bouncy avoid this like the noid, IF you are getting big. Try not to hit walls in bouncy mode because you will.... bounce

    Druggie (Psycho) This is great - but don't pick up ANYTHING in this mode, don't believe your eyes.

    Invin: don't pick up bubbles here they still make you grow.

    Bullet time. There is never anything wrong with bullet time. Make sure you are STOPPED before the end of bullet time or you can speed off recklessly.

    There is something weird that happens to the timer when you get multiple power ups. the bar extends like you grabbed a virgin powerup - but appears to count down at the alacrity of what was left on the previous powerup. Be wary

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