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    57 mins 1 sec

    This score was recorded on Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:49 am.

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  • It is the year 2510 and all life on earth has moved to a new planet called as Planet Science! where science and technology are used only for peaceful or protective purposes! All the people have migrated because the earth had become unstable and finally exploded. Now the hunt is on for the priceless chunks of rocks from the earth, which are flying through space. You've to collect as many of them as you can to earn a lot of money! But being a rock hunter is a challenging job as you've to confront the alien enemies during your journey. After every level you'll stop over at the space station store, where you can buy new weapons and upgrade your ship. Pick up shield bonuses to recharge and pick up earth rocks to earn valuable credits for the space shop.

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  • Hmm ther ewas one rock that ended the game. Kinda funny with the rock quizes in between levels. little diff spin - but in the end its just Defender/Stargate.

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1 Serano 421,600
2 Audrie 360,500
3 Sothran 338,400
4 Teennin 315,800
5 Deamin 294,300

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