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August, 2010

The End After better than 9 years of fun, literally hundreds of members (many from the EQ cradle to the grave), and thousands of DKP being earned... the Tribe is extinguishing it's torches. There isn't a guild on Vazaelle/Maelin/Drinal that hasn't seen a member of TF coming or going... there isn't a zone in all of Norrath and beyond that hasn't felt TF's presence. Also known as "The Family Guild that Raids" we broke the mold of how mid-level guilds operated, and held fast to those principals even during times of enormous pressure. The climate has changed however... with a shrinking "middle class" and lower overall population... there just isn't enough demand for our niche to continue. So like all good things, Tribal Fury has come to an end. It's been one hell of a run, and we thank everyone past and present for being a part of TF for making it one of the longest lasting guilds on our server, and probably most servers!

The guild will remain intact indefinately for those who wish to stay, retirees, rarespawns, and alts, etc. If you need a tag or other info send tells in-game to Jibvalde, Serano, Worff, Tarvas, Mechell, or Tailover. Also, you can still keep in touch with us on our forums here at least until May 2012 which is when the website hosting expires. We may decide to continue the legacy beyond that if we get donations to cover the hosting costs, we'll see when the time comes :)

Happy EQing everyone!

Tribal Fury EverQuest Guild : Maelin Starpyre - Since March 2001 |  Webmaster - Worff Makesitso (Rick Wells)